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#TrashHack: fighting waste in Zimbabwe

UNESCO aims to showcase some youth-led Trash Hack activities taking place around the world.

#TrashHack: fighting waste in Zimbabwe

Lots has happened since UNESCO launched the Trash Hack campaign, encouraging young people to take action against waste to promote sustainable development, reflect on their actions, and share their learnings.

To celebrate some of the Trash Hack activities around the world, we’ve created a series of videos aims to highlight regionally driven ideas and projects conducted by young individuals to preserve the environment.

Check out the first video of the series, in collaboration with Tadiwanashe and Talent, two young people who are actively engaged in activities to reduce and rethink waste in Zimbabwe!

We also spoke to Tadiwanashe and Talent about their Trash Hacks.

What is Trash Hack for you?

“Trash hack for me is a lifestyle that seeks to inspire as well as play a part in the planet preservation. Whilst Mother Nature takes care of us, it is of utmost responsibility that we as human beings return the favour by taking care of Mother Nature, after all the consequences affect us. Trash hack has made me realize that smallest efforts can bring about big and fulfilling results. The biggest activity I have witnessed in my life through trash hack is seeing other people also take part to effectively minimalize their impacts on the environment through trash hacking. A decline in the trash that we through away through re-utilizing, re-purposing and recycling trash has made me realize that one man’s poison is another’s meat. Trash hack has allowed me to venture outside the box and see use in what other consider useless.”

Which is your biggest learning?

“My biggest take away from trash hack is that environmental change is not achieved overnight but is a step at a day and should every individual play their part this change can come sooner than later.”

By Talent T Chatikobo, Talent Chatikobo

What is Trash Hack for you?

“The Trash Hack campaign has been a motivation to keep fighting for the planet. It has given me a voice as a young person in acting for my planet. The trash collection and clean up days have been quite exciting and motivating for me.”

Which is your biggest learning?

“The biggest thing I have learnt from all this is that small steps make the biggest changes. It is not about drastic changes but small ones that make a difference.”

By Tadiwanashe R Manjonjo, tadiwanashe_rutendo; Tadiwanashe Manjonjo; tadiwanashe116

Be part of the Trash Hack campaign and change your lifestyles to promote sustainable development!

Video by Sylvian Perrier, sylviansdrop