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Share your ideas for the planet with #TrashHack and we could feature them here!

Check out our new recycling bins at college #TrashHack

Ditch the lid! Let your morning coffee breathe! #TrashHack

I’ve gone metal 🤘 #TrashHack

Love my new plastic free water bottle! #TrashHack

Turned my water bottle into a plant pot 🌱 #TrashHack

Put your old emails in the 🚮 to avoid tech waste. #TrashHack

plant bottle

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Each year the world generates over 2 billion tonnes of waste. Trash clogs our oceans, fills our streets and litters huge areas of the planet. Trash Hack your life today and be part of the solution.

Trash Hacks are small changes you can make that will help the planet. Becoming a Trash Hacker will help you to change the way you think about waste, take action to tackle trash and inspire others to do the same. Read tips and tricks on the Trash Hack blog, get updates straight to your inbox, follow #TrashHack on social for inspiration and share your own trash hacks with us. Together we will #TrashHack your home, neighbourhood and the world!

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