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#TrashHack: Empowering students in Mongolia

UNESCO aims to showcase some youth-led Trash Hack activities taking place around the world.

#TrashHack: Empowering students in Mongolia

UNESCO is creating a series of videos to celebrate some of the innovative Trash Hack ideas of young people around the world to preserve the environment.

After the first video of the series with Tadiwanashe and Talent from Zimbabwe, check out the second video of the series with Tsolmon and Namuun, two young women motivated to empower young people and make a difference in the fight against waste in Mongolia.

We also spoke to Tsolmon about her Trash Hack.

What is Trash Hack for you?

“I learned a lot of things from this Trash Hack campaign.

I understood that I have many things that I can do regardless of my age. Before I thought our city’s trash issue is a huge problem and we have to take it seriously, but what can I do? Who listens to me? I can’t do anything about it. All my thoughts were “You are just 17”, your actions won’t change anything.

But this campaign gave me a chance to face my negative thoughts and take action. We made a bottle-shaped trash bin for useless bottles. And as a part of this work, our school has added a new rule. That means if a student sees a plastic bottle on the way to class, take it and throw it in a school trash bin for bottles.”

Which is your biggest learning?

“As a result that small change for the more than 2500 of our middle and high school students will make a big difference in the future. And I am really happy to see my classmates and other students start to act. We also give the collected plastic containers to the city’s recyclers. 

Seeing other people start to act gave me more inspiration to keep going with what I do. Trash Hack changed my mind. I want to do more positive things for my environment. This is our duty to nature.”  

By Tsolmon Togtokhsaikhan, Цол Мон, cholmonooo

Be part of the Trash Hack campaign and change your lifestyles to promote sustainable development!

Video by Sylvian Perrier, sylviansdrop