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Who’s talking trash?

Check out some of the young people helping change the world.

Who’s talking trash?

Greta Thunberg started the Fridays for Future movement and spearheaded the climate change movement in the last year. In 2018, she stopped going to school on Fridays to protest climate change outside the Swedish Parliament.

This led a global movement for students to strike on Friday’s for climate change. Since then, she has spoken at countless climate conferences, challenged heads of state and inspired people around the world to advocate for change in environmental policies and protect the planet.

Here are some of the other amazing youth speaking out against climate change and influencing people around the world to protect the environment.

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez – USA & Mexico

An Indigenous climate activist and powerful voice leading the front lines of the youth-led climate justice movement.

Xiuhtezcatl is the Youth Director of Earth Guardians and has recently published a book called ‘We Rise: The Earth Guardians Guide to Building a Movement that Restores the Planet.’

He has addressed the UN, opening in his native nahuatl, to urge the international community to take action against climate change as a human rights issue.

Xiuhtezcatl’s #TrashHack

Xiuhtezcatl and friends have pledged to stop using straws and to pick up plastic from rivers to keep local waterways clean. Watch it here:

Melati Wijsen – Indonesia

Co-founder of Bye Bye Plastic Bags, an Indonesian not-for-profit advocating around waste reduction. Melati successfully advocated for plastic bags, straws and Styrofoam to be banned in Bali.

Melati’s Trash Hack

Empowering people to reduce their waste through education, campaigns and political meetings ‘one bag at a time’. Check out Melati’s Instagram:

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Afroz Shah – India

Lawyer and environmental activist from Mumbai. Afroz rallied over 200,000 volunteers to come together to collect over 60 million pounds of garbage from the beach.

Afroz’s Trash Hack

Leading his community to clean over 30kgs of trash from the beaches in India in one day!

Anita Vandyke – Australia

Corporate fashionista turned zero-waste rocket scientist. Wrote the book called ‘A Zero Waste Life: a thirty-day guide’ and has plans to publish a second book in 2020.

Antia’s Trash Hack

Through her book, helps people to figure out all the tricks to living a zero-waste life in just one short month. Find more tips on her Instagram:

Max La Manna – United States

Zero-waste vegan chef and climate activist.

Max’s Trash Hack

Reducing his impact on the planet by living a zero-waste lifestyle. If you’re interested in doing the same, follow Max’s social media:

Ebrahim Ramzat – United Arab Emirates

YouTuber, environmentalist, vegan and zero-waste influencer. A vegan ambassador in the Arab world, Ebrahim uses his YouTube and social media channels to give people practical tips on how to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by reducing their waste.

Embrahim’s Trash Hack

Making conscious consumer choices not to buy 25 things this year (like plastic razors!) to reduce his waste.

Leah Namugerwa Uganda

Climate leader in Uganda and Fridays for Future activist. Leah is the Friday for Futures champion in Uganda, she is known for speaking to politicians, setting up petitions to stop the use of plastic bags and setting up her own tree-planting campaign.

Leah’s Trash Hack

Organizing plastic pick-ups and encouraging youth in her community in Uganda to learn more about the climate crisis and play their part.


Jean-betrand Mhandu

African Youth Initiative on Climate Change Zimbabwe – National Coordinator