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Let’s make our land the best place to live on!

A great example of Trash Hack activities at Public Specialized ASPnet School No.17, Tashkent city, Uzbekistan

Let’s make our land the best place to live on!

Nowadays people, animals, and plants all over the world are suffering from the big global environmental problems. For example, air and water pollution, water shortages, and one of the biggest problem is the household waste. Uzbekistan also suffers from these big problems. Many people of our country without noticing it themselves are throwing bottles, disposable cups, waste paper all over the streets. And they don’t even realize that is very harmful for their health. Have they ever wondered why this big virus Covid-19 appeared? Why are many rainforests in fire? Why do people suffer from the shortage of drinking water?

Sure, the main reason is in us: PEOPLE. Many of our citizens often blame our state in these problems. But why can’t we start helping the nature ourselves, doing small positive actions locally? For example, we can recycle, reduce, and reuse the litter.

We, as ASPnet Shool # 17 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, support the UNESCO Trash Hack campaign by positive actions, demonstrative samples, clearing every place from school environment to our living communities (Mahallas). We organize our annual Eco-event, devoted to the Earth Day on April 22 under the motto “The Earth is our Common Home!”. We provide our students’ participation in clearing activities to increase their understanding and start to be a part of transforming the world, empowering them with the skills, knowledge and values to live sustainably, to contribute to building more inclusive society. Our school plans to involve all the city schools and authorities to the started work as each of us can make a difference.

We, teachers, are aimed for sociocultural practices for the health and well-being of humans and nature, to provide opportunities for learners to take concrete actions for sustainable development.

The main learnings for students is to TRASH HACK classrooms, homes, communities and eventually the world, learning the benefits of recycling and waste management and to become aware of ESD related themes as global citizenship and eco-education. Our easy positive actions will make young people to understand more about waste.

Here is the speech of the Mother Earth, which was acted and told by a schoolgirl on April 22:

“Good day!  My name is Earth. I am here in front of you, people, asking for help. But before that I will tell you the story of my life. 4,54 billion years ago, I was formed from dust and gas, and about 2,7 billion years ago, life began in me. This is where all the adventures began. Evolution was in full swing.  People appeared 2,8 million years ago. At first I was glad to them. They multiplied, developed. But what did their development lead to? They scarified everything without thinking about the future, they scooped up everything they could.

I warned. I gave all possible signs that I felt bad. I sent all kinds of catastrophes: earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, forest fires, droughts, floods, global climate changes.  Everything so that they can come to their senses. But people did not pay attention to this either. Last year, the pandemic made itself felt. And now look in what state I am. Is this what I deserve?

People turned me into a huge dumb. Please save me today! Your next generation should be really the best. You can make me the best place to live on, only be the unity of actions. Please unite to save me!”   

On June 5, in the Central Park named after Mirzo-Ulugbek, an event was held within the framework of the UNESCO Trash Hack campaign dedicated to the International Day of the Environment. The event was organized in cooperation with the Tashkent City Administration of the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Ecology and Environment Protection, the National Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan for UNESCO and Schools of Tashkent city.

The purpose of our event was to improve the ecological culture of citizens. Together we can share the knowledge about environmental protection, about waste that can be recycled, and most importantly, reduce the total volume of waste. Several contests were organized to raise awareness of children on ecology and environment protection.

Our school participated in this kind of clean-up activities since we believe that our youth should become more aware of waste issues and reduce the waste. And we can make waste reduction, waste management and waste segregation, a collective habit, and a social standard.

Ms. Sayyora Tadjieva, Teacher of English, Public Specialized ASPnet School No.17, Tashkent city, Uzbekistan

E-mail: y-17-maktab@inbox.uz